Why Choose a Psychologist?

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It can be overwhelming to find someone who will provide you with the specific mental health services you need. Each mental health discipline requires different levels of education, supervision, and clinical training. While conducting similar roles to allied health professionals (e.g., psychotherapists, social workers, and counsellors) in the area of counselling/psychotherapy, registered psychologists are uniquely qualified to perform specialized services. This includes conducting psychological and/or risk assessments as well as performing the controlled act of communicating a diagnosis.  

Psychologists are experts in the scientific study and application of human thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. In the province of Ontario, psychologists must have a doctorate (PhD or PsyD) degree, which typically includes 10-12 years of post-secondary education. Psychologists also complete thousands of hours of supervised graduate level clinical training in counselling/psychotherapy, as well as pass two written and one oral examination in order to receive the designation as a Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO).  

Psychologists are often in leadership roles, conducting research to create and evaluate different types of psychotherapy approaches. We are involved in the training and mentoring of other mental health care providers. We believe in the importance of collaborating with allied health professionals to help you meet your mental health goals, which can include, with your consent, communicating with your physician, psychiatrist, occupational therapist, social worker, case manager, lawyer, probation and parole officer, etc.

Still curious about why you should chose a psychologist for your care? Find out more: https://cpa.ca/public/whatisapsychologist/