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What is Clinical Psychology?


Clinical Psychology integrates science, theory, and clinical knowledge to explain the complexities of human functioning. We work to understand, prevent, and relieve psychologically based distress and promote physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing.  

Clinical Services Offered at HISELER, KELLY & ASSOCIATES

Individual Clinical Psychotherapy

We tailor a variety of evidence-based approaches to help you with your concerns. We can help with the following issues:

- Adjustment Difficulties
- Anger Management
- Anxiety
- Crisis Intervention
- Depression and Mood Disorders
- Loss and Grief
- Personality Disorders
- Psychological Trauma (Including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Complex Trauma, and Dissociation)
- Psychosis
- Relationship Difficulties
- Self-Esteem/Self-Worth
- Sleep Hygiene
- Stress Management
- Substance Abuse
- Suicide / Self-Harming Behaviour
- Victim Support Services

Group Clinical Psychotherapy

HISELER, KELLY & ASSOCIATES is in the process of developing both psychoeducational and therapeutic groups. We will provide updated information when these services are available.  

Clinical Psychological Assessment

HISELER, KELLY & ASSOCIATES offer psychological assessment services, where we learn about about you and provide an informed psychological opinion about your life. This can include using specialized questionnaires to reach meaningful and valid conclusions. We formalize our opinion into an easy to understand written report for your records. For some people, this can include communication of a diagnosis, which is a unique service that only a psychologist can provide. We can then provide consultation to help you determine your next steps.

How can a psychological assessment help me?

·      Determine if you meet criteria for a diagnosis

·      Identify the best treatment plan and approach

·      Understand how long recovery may take

·      Documentation for accommodations in the workplace

It is important to treat the root of the problem … not just the branch.  
Then, the tree will thrive.