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Two Women. One Vision.    

HISELER, KELLY & ASSOCIATES was founded by psychologists Dr. Lara Hiseler and Dr. Krystal Kelly in 2018. 

We met while employed with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and bonded over our shared work ethic, desire to advocate for clients, and a mutual respect for each other. As we continued to support each other in our careers, the next step became clear and a partnership was formed.  

HISELER, KELLY & ASSOCIATES is a mental health community of inspired, skilled, and dedicated clinicians who offer quality mental health services. We aspire to inspire, value embracing new challenges, and are committed to our growth as well as yours. 

We are an inclusive space where you can feel comfortable exploring yourself. The things you think about, but are afraid to say. The tough conversations. The uncomfortable feelings. The things you might not be able to tell someone close to you. The things in life that are just hard.

Our environment is a place where you can deal with the difficult stuff. We are here for support, and want to join you as you embark on a process of learning new understandings about yourself. Making real change in your life can be empowering and liberating.

The mental health conversation is changing and HISELER, KELLY & ASSOCIATES aims to be at the forefront.